About LTS

A modern and innovative company, Laminated Timber Solutions is founded on family values and customer service since it's inception in 1949, now servicing the construction market for over 60 years.

Laminated Timber Solutions’ mission

“At Laminated Timber Solutions, we help our clients and customers and their partners with a variety of timber construction projects. By their nature the products and scale of project demands custom design, engineering and manufacture on every project. We design and manufacture our products in-house and install them ourselves or through highly trained subcontractors. We never fail to meet the expectation of our clients and the project stakeholders. We constantly seek new and innovative products which will sustain our ability to offer optimised and varied solutions to every project we engage with”

Laminated Timber Solutions’ vision

"Building sustainably and durably with a focus on timber as a system and a sustainable construction solution"

Laminated Timber Solutions’ values

  • Dedicated team
  • Strong supplier ties
  • Long-term relationships
  • Honest communication
  • Internal and external transparency
  • Appreciation and respect
  • Solution driven
  • Innovative
  • Customer focused

Many years of experience in the trade

An evolutionary journey spanning nearly 7 decades.

Establishment of Groep Terryn in its earliest form as a timber yard
Start of glued rafter production
Construction of Kortrijk Hallen (now called Kortrijk Xpo) in 1967
Expansion of the corporate facilities of NV Korlam in Wevelgem
Opening of the new Korlam production line in 1986
Acquisition of Sud Charpentes Lamcol
Construction of the Bruges dolphinarium in 1989
Acquisition of Korlam
Construction of Euroports Terminals Antwerp in 1995
New factory and offices in Moorslede
CFE becomes the majority shareholder of Groep Terryn
Acquisition of Arcos Houtconstructies in the Netherlands
Introduction of CLT through BuildinX
Groep Terryn is fully owned by CFE
Merger of Korlam, Lamcol and BuildinX into Laminated Timber Solutions