Glued laminated timber (GLULAM)

Glued laminated timber elements consist of finger jointed timber boards glued in one and the same direction to ensure that the grain runs parallel. Each board is glued together so that they perform as one uniform element. The result is a beam or a column curved or straight, that will span large distances and where required support heavy loads.

"Timber has built in fire protection as an outcome of its predictable charring characteristic"

Glued laminated timber delivers a natural solution that will add value to your building project:

  • Sustainable
  • Laser-guided precision cut elements
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Fast delivery times
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Predictable fire resistance

Glued Laminated Timber: demonstrates its strength in a multitude of projects and applications

Timber is a commercially robust and versatile material: light and easy to process. In addition, large spans and highly sophisticated geometrical configurations for complex structures can be achieved.


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Typical projects that benefit from glued laminated timber

  • Buildings that require a large span
  • Buildings with demanding fire protection requirements
  • Buildings that demand a natural appearance
  • Buildings that have corrosive environments
  • Buildings where sustainable credentials are demanded

Timber beams are used for the construction of large span facilities such as sports halls and swimming pool buildings but also for event halls, retail, exhibition spaces and warehouses and industrial applications.

Laminated Timber Solutions are proven solution providers in the engineered wood processing market. Our innovate problem solving approach combined with our track record in the sector, make Laminated Timber Solutions a reliable partner for your glued laminated timber construction project.


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