Laminated Timber Solutions (LTS) wins first price in the category public buildings with its CLT project.


Kielsteg, a patented timber construction component has been recognised as an eco-friendly construction material in accordance with ISO 14025 type III since the end of February


Renovate a supermarket and provide more retail space without expanding? With wooden laminated beams from LTS we got the job done. Find out how!


In Brussels XIOR is planning a new student accommodation. For this they were looking for a partner who fits the vision and who can follow a tight schedule. So LTS!


600 5-storey residential units in CLT? Is that possible? Sure, said our engineers and draughtsmen. And so they did. A strong example of LTS!


Our Dutch neighbours were looking for a partner to supply CLT for a prestigious project. LTS more than lived up to expectations.
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