Timber is a renewable material. When growing, trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and store it. By using timber as a building material, the CO2 is sequestered in within the construction.


Laminated Timber Solutions has started constructing two apartment blocks in Charleroi within the scope of the development of an entirely eco-friendly neighbourhood that will comprise 600 housing units. Both five-storey buildings will be constructed from CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber). In addition to the CLT structure, Laminated Timber Solutions is also installing the wall insulation and the wooden façade exterior. The supporting structure is mounted at a rate of one storey a week.


Laminated Timber Solutions (then known as Korlam) has supplied the laminated timber and all the CLT to construct the tallest timber building in the Netherlands. Patch 22, consisting of housing and commercial units, is under construction in Amsterdam.

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