Delhaize Reet: An exceptional project

Fifty years after its opening, the Delhaize supermarket in Reet needed completely rebuilding. Delhaize says that the new-build along the A12 motorway will become the supermarket chain’s most modern shop, with the addition of a bakery and collection point.

Rebuilding supermarket with wooden beams

40 metre Glulam beams

The wooden roof structure will be built using Laminated Timber Solutions 40-metre long glue laminated timber beams (Glulam).

The large span eradicates the need for additional columns in the supermarket, thereby delivering unobstructed interior space. Our project engineers also had to take into account the requisite fire resistance of one hour and engineer a solution for the service openings for the MEP.

Exceptional transport

An exceptional transport convoy with 3 trucks and 9 support cars, with a total length of 250 metres, was needed to deliver the beams to site. All superstructure elements were delivered on a “just in time” basis to allow our customer Verelst Industriebouw to assemble the building upon arrival, and just before the construction industry holiday commenced the following day.

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