Glued timber solution

Glued Laminated Timber (GLULAM), Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) and Kielsteg are three sustainable timber construction products offered by Laminated Timber Solutions. The laminated beams and columns and massive timber panels can form roof, floor and wall elements. Three enhanced timber products, each with their own unique performance dynamic and separate but often complimentary applications.

Here are some of the advantages of building with laminated timber

Carbon storage

Building with laminated timber is a robust visually impressive solution. Rapid predictable assembly ensures speedy and certain project delivery. Laminated timber is gaining market share in the construction of medium and higher -rise buildings with many iconic global reference projects built and currently in planning.


The dry building method, the low weight, the airtight construction and the non-disruptive assembly ensure that laminated timber construction is gaining rapid popularity for commercial, social and environmental reasons.

Laminated Timber Solutions will deliver value to those who choose to build with advanced engineered laminated timber elements.

Products in laminated timber


Glued laminated timber

Glulam refers to a composition of structural timber sections that are glued in one direction to form a uniform solid structural timber beam. Glulam beams and columns are a tried and tested solution for some of the most complex long span, high load roof construction challenges.


Cross-Laminated Timber

CLT or Cross-Laminated Timber refers to graded structural timber boards that have been glued in layers but with each layers grain running at right angles to the one above or below or both. Its solid multi directional strength creates design flexibility for architects, clients and contractors, in the concept planning and the execution of timber construction or hybrid projects.



Kielsteg is a patented timber building element. This innovative timber product is perfectly suited for roof and floor elements. Kielsteg's unique honeycomb structure makes it possible to achieve large spans with minimal weight.

Laminated Timber Solutions is a proven partner for engineered timber solutions.