Kielsteg is possibly the most innovative product to come from the forest products industry in the last two decades. Laminated Timber Solutions views this as a problem solver to large span challenges. We are the official licensee of Kielsteg for the BENELUX, UK and France.


Kielsteg consists of top and bottom flanges of finger jointed structural timber connected by webs of V-shaped shear members made from plywood or OSB3. A Kielsteg element can deliver a clear span of 27 metres with no down stand beams. Impressive from an engineering perspective and visually stunning from an aesthetic perspective.

"Kielsteg, innovative smart wood structures"

The Kielsteg delivers:

  • Span length of up to 27 metres
  • High roof load capacity
  • Space versatility
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Light weight
  • Fast installation
  • Fire resistance for 30 to 60 minutes

Kielsteg is a visually impressive product made from finger-jointed structural timber flanges connected by curved webs of plywood or OSB3 . Architects, contractors and property developers see the benefits of its span capacity and aesthetics for use in the construction of schools, shopping centres, sports and leisure, commercial buildings, showrooms, transportation hubs and other large buildings where internal columns are not desired and space flexibility is at a premium.

Kielsteg and Laminated Timber Solutions

Laminated Timber Solutions has a proven track record large scale advanced engineered timber projects. Our goal is to be at the forefront of timber engineering and thereby provide the optimum solution to our customers.


Laminated Timber Solutions has its own research department as well as manufacturing and processing facilities which have a long history in the production of glued laminated timber and CLT. Our services also extend to design, engineering, logistics and product installation.