Advanced Timber Solutions

Salt storage building, Grobbendonk (B)

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Laminated Timber Solutions

Laminated Timber Solutions is an industry acknowledged supplier of large span and highly complex load-bearing structures in glued laminated timber elements. We engineer, design, manufacture and install enhanced timber structures for major construction projects. Contractors, architects and builders have benefited from our expertise in this specialist sector for over 60 years. Our impressive track record in the field of engineering, production and installation enables us to deliver sports complexes, multi family residential developments, municipal and commercial buildings that demand the highest structural , performance or aesthetic needs.

Laminated Timber Solutions

Laminated Timber Solutions exclusively specialise in advanced glued timber construction elements.

Glue laminated timber is a composition of solid section timber elements combined to deliver specific engineering performance. We offer three different glued timber solutions for the construction of commercial, municipal residential, retail, sports, logistics and agricultural buildings: glue laminated timber (GLULAM) and cross-laminated timber (CLT).  In addition, Laminated Timber Solutions is the exclusive Benelux, French and UK licensee for Kielsteg, an advanced large span engineered beam element.

Load-bearing timber structures

With the glued laminated timber beams and rafters, we provide project solutions for our customers in the form of load-bearing structural elements for storage locations, logistics spaces, production halls, sports complexes, schools, retail buildings and commercial centres.


With cross-laminated timber, we construct light, massive timber constructions for public buildings, schools and multi-residential real estate projects such as apartment buildings and student houses.