Montea and Flexport City opt for laminated wooden beams from LTS at the airport of Liège

Locatie: Bierset

Jaar: 2018

Architect: AUPa

Bouwheer: Montea

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In Bierset, Montea’s new Flexport City logistics park offers 20,000 square meters of storage space. The technological infrastructure is fully integrated in the laminated timber beams of LTS, maximising the available space.

Spans of 24 meters

To get an idea of the size of the woodwork: Montea’s distribution building in Bierset contains 470 cubic meters of laminated timber, including 110 wooden main beams with a span of 24 meters. Space for technological infrastructure was foreseen in the wooden main beams. LTS engineer Guy Thijs: “Sprinklers are usually installed under the beams, but that would limit the free height too much. This extra stacking height has significant added value for Montea. Which is why we decided to integrate all the technological infrastructure into the wooden beams.”

Laminated timber = double environmental gain

Laminated timber is a sustainable and natural product, produced in an energy-friendly way. In addition, it absorbs CO2 from the air. The result: negative CO2 emissions. Thus, the distribution centre compensates for the emissions of more than 3.2 million kilometres driven in a family car.

New plans

The original plan, however, was to erect the distribution centre in concrete. “Our competitive prices and quick installation convinced Montea to combine the concrete with wood,” says Guy Thijs. “Additional advantages: wood is lighter and more resistant to fire. It also gives a natural look to the storage space and a much more pleasant interior environment, something Montea considers very important for its customers.” LTS coordinated all aspects of the project: from engineering and production, to transport and installation.

This project in figures

470 m3

timber product volume

290.611 CO2


1.937.407 km

less exhaust gases

322 households

less electricity consumption

12 working days

duration of construction