Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is rapidly becoming a mainstream building material. Laminated Timber Solutions have delivered a large number of small and large projects in CLT across Europe. CLT is characterised by timber boards (or lamellas) glued in layers at right angles to one another with each layers grain running at right angles to the one above or below or both and is mainly used in larger construction projects, floor decks, roof elements and wall panels as a complete system or as individual elements in hybrid solutions.

“The architectural wonder material of the 21st century”
Andrew Waugh – Waugh Thistleton architects

Seven reasons why CLT represents a timber revolution:

  • Sustainable environmentally 
  • Sustainable supply
  • Carbon storage
  • Dry construction
  • Reduced waste
  • Short construction time
  • Limited localised disruption:
    • Fewer site deliveries
    • Less road closures or obstructions
    • Quieter build
    • Less site dust & waste
  • Good to work with for site operatives
  • Reduced labour
  • Up to 10 storeys or higher in other countries

What delivers the strength of CLT?

CLT, is an orthotropic material which means it delivers strength in every direction. The elements or panels become more solid, more stable and predictable as a result of gluing the timber boards in layers at right angles to one another. This configuration makes CLT the quality construction material that it is and why so many clients and developers are now choosing it as their preferred build medium.


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CLT is a perfect application of laminated timber for:

  • rapid build projects where building windows are tight
  • timber construction with a natural look and feel
  • building projects that require a large span
  • construction of medium-rise buildings up to 10 storeys or higher in other countries
  • thermally efficient buildings

CLT is a complete build methodology used typically for schools, retail buildings, municipal buildings and multi-residential buildings such as apartments and student accommodation. CLT elements are also used in hybrid concrete and steel structures as floors or infill panels.

Laminated Timber Solutions has delivered a great many CLT projects large and small. We are highly experienced in this building medium and  will guide you through your project as needed from first concept through to final delivery. If you are new to CLT then we will help you through every step. If you are familiar with CLT already then our track record will give you the assurance that we will play our part in ensuring that your project is delivered to all stakeholders satisfaction.