1,000 m³ spruce in Brussels Intercommunal Transport Maintenance centre

Locatie: Haren

Jaar: 2018

Architect: AM/THV Arcadis - Ade

Bouwheer: MIVB - STIB


The maintenance centre for MIVB-STIB, the Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company located in Haren, was built in several phases. The work took about two years to complete, with final delivery of the building taking place in 2018. Contractor BESIX – Jacques Delens (Temporary Cooperative) renovated an existing building of 16,000 m2 and built a new building of 8,000 m2 intended to serve as a maintenance centre. 1,000 cubic meters of spruce (glulam) was foreseen.

Portals and shed roofs in glulam

LTS installed 93 portals in the new building (columns and beams made of wood). The longest span was 30 meters. For the roof of the shed structure, the client opted for a sawtooth structure: a roof shape often used in factory halls. A sawtooth roof allows a large amount of light in.

Repetitive work, but also a challenge

Such a volume translates into repetitive work. The structure itself was a challenge, but the logistics too were difficult. These are the most important factors that led to the project being implemented in phases and it taking two years to finish the building.

This project in figures

1000 m3

timber product volume

620.964 CO2


4.139.760 km

less exhaust gases

689 households

less electricity consumption

40 working days

duration of construction