Flexible design thanks to supple character of wood

Locatie: Lommel

Jaar: 2017

Architect: pos4 architekten / Architectengroep A4

Bouwheer: Pellikaan

flexibel_hout_buigende_dakliggers_4fadd0221faa7682ab05e6652882e5ab (2)

The De Soeverein sports complex in Lommel welcomed its first athletes on 27 October 2018 and hopes to attract some 200,000 visitors within the year. Both the twenty-five-meter pool and the tennis hall received a full ‘Laminated Timber Solutions’ treatment.

Flexibility of wood paramount

For the fifty-meter-long swimming pool, spruce beams were foreseen. Wood’s chemical resistance is an asset that is often taken advantage of in such environments. In other words, chlorine vapours do not affect the material. LTS delivered and installed three-hinged arched portals with a span of 38 meters in the tennis hall. Glued laminated wood (glulam) is easy to bend, making it very attractive for use in tennis halls or other sports facilities.

This project in figures

200 m3

timber product volume

123.573 CO2


823.807 km

less exhaust gases

137 households

less electricity consumption

13 working days

duration of construction