Environmental product declaration (EPD) available for Kielsteg

Kielsteg, the patented timber construction component with the characteristic honeycomb structure, has held an environmental product declaration since the end of February.

Environmental product declaration EPD for Kielsteg

Verification was satisfactorily completed following extensive life-cycle analyses of the product and it has now been registered in the EPD database. An environmental product declaration – EPD – is a written disclosure containing quantified information in relation to a given set of environmental impacts based on a life-cycle analysis. Kielsteg attained recognition as an eco-friendly building material according to ISO 14025 type III on 28 February. Furthermore, it now also has EPDs complying with the new EN 15804 standard (sustainability of construction works – environmental product declarations – core rules for the product category of construction products). Kielsteg’s environmental product declaration was issued by the Austrian EPD platform and is valid within the EU.

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