Restaurant BE-MINE in Beringen relies on LTS and Kielsteg

Locatie: Beringen

Jaar: 2018

Architect: UAU Collectiv

Bouwheer: YNK

Product: Kielsteg


restaurant_houten_dakwerk_kielsteg_0758238453727f4faedad2b95d6b0ce5 (2)

The bustling activity at the old BE-MINE mine site in Beringen has been given a culinary touch. Dine with 360° view of the surroundings and a warm wooden roof over your head.

Past and present

With a new glass building and a reallocation of the former winding engine building, the Beringen coal mine now has a new restaurant. The striking architecture of the new building – which includes the hall and the sanitary facilities – is due to the slim steel construction and the wooden roofing, constructed by LTS. The cantilevers on both sides of the roof construction also make a covered terrace possible.

Wooden roof structure inspires

The wooden roof structure of the existing commercial retail spaces was the inspiration for the new building volume. Here too, the architect opted for a construction in a Kielsteg structure. The result: an exceptionally strong modular roof panel that spans up to 27 meters.

LTS meets high technical requirements

Client YNK strove from the start for a strong image for the restaurant. “Aesthetically, the requirements were high”, says Director Dieter Penninck of LTS. “Thanks to the delightful charm exuded by the shopping area, the choice was quickly made for Kielsteg technology. The wood structure remains visible from below, adding natural warmth to the bright building.”

This project in figures

594 m3

timber product volume

368.852 CO2


2.459.013 km

less exhaust gases

409 households

less electricity consumption

4 working days

duration of construction