Laminated wood allows crematorium to blend with natural surroundings

Locatie: Lommel

Jaar: 2016

Architect: a2o architecten

Bouwheer: Vanhout nv

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A year ago, the Statie Stuifduin crematorium opened in Lommel. The project’s design is well thought-out. a2o architects was commissioned to design a crematorium that would integrate perfectly into Lommel’s existing cemetery. The aim was to seamlessly connect the new building with the existing site, so that all elements would merge into a beautiful whole. The concept earned the architectural office a nomination for the EU Mies Award19 (European Union Award for Contemporary Architecture).

Role of Laminated Timber Solutions

In order to fit the new building into the surroundings and the existing infrastructure, glued laminated wood was chosen from the outset. Laminated Timber Solutions, an expert in timber construction, was called upon to supply and install the roof beams for the large auditorium, Bistro Stuifduin (hospitality sector) and the patio.

Uniformity within the building

Because a part of the wood is also on the outside, the choice fell to larch. Guy Thijs, sales engineer at LTS: “Larch outside and spruce inside was an option, but in order to preserve uniformity, despite the additional cost, larch was chosen for the entire building, including the timber construction elements installed inside.”

Larch has better natural durability

“Our laminated beams are made of softwood, spruce as standard, but when the material is exposed to climatic conditions, larch is the best choice. If the wood is exposed to rain, larch is much more durable than spruce. The material has better natural durability”, says Guy.

High architectural/aesthetic requirements

The choice for laminated wood has a lot to do with the aesthetic character of the material, but equally with the support provided by the wood construction element. The combination of both means that wood had many advantages, especially for this project.

Aesthetics also means that the connections between materials and the rest of the structural work must be approached very carefully. The connections are largely integrated into the wood, so that for the most part they are hidden from view.

This project in figures

72 m3

timber product volume

378.158 CO2


2.501.053 km

less exhaust gases

416 households

less electricity consumption

10 working days

duration of construction