Salt and wood are perfectly compatible

Locatie: Grobbendonk (B)

Jaar: 2014

Architect: Goossens & Bauwens ingenieur-architecten bvba

Bouwheer: Agentschap Wegen & verkeer

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First strategic salt storage location

The salt shed in Grobbendonk was built at the request of then Flemish mobility minister Hilde Crevits. The aim was to reduce the risk of a shortage of road salt during specific winter periods. It is one of the two strategic salt stores in Flanders. The work was completed in 2014. The shed has a storage capacity of around 5,000 tons of road salt.

A computational/technical tour de force

LTS was responsible for supplying the materials and implementation of the eye catcher: a beautiful, unique and complex roof structure, made of spruce. Erecting the structure was a serious challenge, both computationally and in terms of implementation. The construction only becomes stable once the last beam has been mounted; only when the ring is centrally closed does it function as a whole.

Wood and salt

The chemical and aggressive nature of salt required adapted materials. Wood scores very well in such cases. Wood is a strong option in all environments in which chemical resistance is required. Other materials used here underwent specific treatment.

This project in figures

100 m3

timber product volume

62.096 CO2


413.973 km

less exhaust gases

68 households

less electricity consumption

- working days

duration of construction