The fire-resistant power of wood

Locatie: Wilrijk

Jaar: 2017

Architect: Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven (Rotterdam) / Vervest Constructief (stabiliteit)

Bouwheer: AG Vespa – Antwerpen

dragende_houtstructuur_voor_brandveilig_gebouw_792b4354f5ca68129dcbbf88317ae728 (2)

A fire station with load-bearing wood structures: clear proof of wood’s fire safety. Concrete and wood merge into a new home base for the firefighters of Wilrijk.

Hybrid wood structure

The new station is a so-called hybrid building. Its ground floor is constructed of concrete. The two upper floors are built above and around that concrete structure in cross-laminated timber (CLT). The solid wood panels form the walls, floors and the roof of the fire station: a choice with load bearing and aesthetic benefits. The solid wood remains partly visible on the inside and gives character to the building.

Top-class engineering

Thorough preliminary research is crucial to seamlessly connecting two completely different materials such as concrete and wood. In consultation with contractor D’Hulst-Van Rymenant, LTS engineers adapted each connection and all technologies to the construction, from switches to ventilation openings. Thanks to this intensive preparation, the wood structures were installed in just 12 working days.

On site in 12 minutes

Thanks to the rapid construction of the wood structures, the new station is already in use. To the great approval of residents. The southern part of Antwerp is now more easily served. The average response time in Wilrijk and Hoboken was reduced from 16 minutes to 12 minutes. And these can be four crucial minutes in an emergency situation.

This project in figures

245 m3

timber product volume

152.136 CO2


1.014.240 km

less exhaust gases

169 households

less electricity consumption

12 working days

duration of construction