A sports hall as wooden shed

Locatie: Wuustwezel

Jaar: 2018

Architect: Polo Architecten

Bouwheer: Gemeente Wuustwezel

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Gooreind, a submunicipality of Wuustwezel, is the proud owner of a brand new sports hall. Almost the entire building is built of wood structures. From glulam beams to CLT walls.

Dominant wood

While there was an official laying of the foundation stone, hardly a stone is visible in the Gooreind sports hall. Wood dominates the look and appearance of the building, thanks to the vision of Polo Architects and quick thinking in the execution by Laminated Timber Solutions.

A quick and thought-out solution

Quick thinking, you say? Yes, because the study phase showed that the foreseen beam proportions did not allow required tree height. At the last minute, the foreseen double column with single beam made way for a better solution: three columns with double beams. A solution devised by the engineers at Laminated Timber Solutions.

Wood as natural inspiration

A public sports hall in a vast landscape requires the appropriate architecture. The shape and finish of the sports complex refer to the wooden sheds that adorn the panorama. Wood plays the leading role both inside and out. LTS designed, produced and installed the wooden supporting structures, the wooden portal and wooden wall panels between the aisles.

This project in figures

200 m3

timber product volume

124.000 CO2


828.000 km

less exhaust gases

137 households

less electricity consumption

12 working days

duration of construction