Typical structure that lends itself to using glulam

Location: Herne (B)

Year: 2017

Architect: Parallel Architecten bvba

Client: DA Stables



In 2017, DA Stables opened a new training centre in Herne for the breeding and training of horses that excel in reining, a part of western riding. DA Stables has been active in the horse industry since 2010 and is strongly committed to ‘performance’ and ‘welfare’.

New riding arena covered with wooden portals

The riding arena, which has been in use for almost two years, is 60 meters long and about 30 meters wide. Laminated Timber Solutions (LTS) was called on to cover the arena. The timber construction specialist supplied and installed three-hinged portals, end-wall structures and purlins. The wood, the surroundings, the horses, the view: all elements that go together perfectly. The experience is central here.

A typical structure and application screaming for the use of wood

The 10 wooden portals have a free span of about 31 meters and consist of redundant columns and a number of roof beams that are connected to each other using fixed-moment construction. The two end-wall structures and purlins were also made of glued laminated wood (spruce). Despite the fact that the facade is open, rain is not a problem. The columns are largely covered, which means that exposure to rain is minimal.

This project in figures

160 m3

timber product volume

99.354 CO2


662.360 km

less exhaust gases

110 households

less electricity consumption

10 working days

duration of construction

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