Most beautiful swimming pool in the world in Amsterdam

Locatie: Amsterdam (B)

Jaar: 2014

Architect: De Architekten Cie

Bouwheer: Gemeente Amsterdam

rasterstructuur_dak_zwembad_amsterdam_f9bbf5111a68370a7fe41c7f1e562796 (2)

De Architekten Cie. is a full service architectural firm that succeeded in designing the most beautiful swimming pool in the world. They were awarded the prize in 2016 for the design and implementation of the Noorderparkbad swimming facility in Amsterdam. The use of glued laminated wood undoubtedly played a role in the assessment.

Grid structure

The roof was built with a grid structure, between steel main beams.

In a swimming pool environment, the materials used must be sufficiently protected against the chlorine vapours coming from the water. No problem for the wood: the steel had to undergo a specific treatment.

Invisible connection

In winning the title of most beautiful swimming pool in the world, it will come as no surprise that much attention was paid to aesthetics. The metal connections and/or couplings are all invisibly incorporated into the wood.

An impressive reference

The fact that LTS made and installed the roof structure looks good on the CV. Contributing to the creation of the world’s most beautiful swimming pool: an impressive reference.

This project in figures

153 m3

timber product volume

95.007 CO2


633.380 km

less exhaust gases

105 households

less electricity consumption

- working days

duration of construction