Chemical resistance of spruce is perfect for swimming pool environments

Locatie: Kortrijk

Jaar: 2017-2018

Architect: ARTABEL bvba

Bouwheer: S&R Group

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The new swimming pool in Kortrijk was faced with a lot of setbacks at the end of February 2019. Fate struck and a fire destroyed part of the building. The slides were the biggest victims; the construction elements made of wood suffered only a bit of fire and soot damage.

Fully constructed of spruce

Laminated Timber Solutions supplied and installed the roof beams for the fifty-meter pool, the recreation zone, the slide tower and the cafeteria. The maximum span is 28 m.

Spruce was an obvious choice. The material is in fact ideal for use in such environments. In addition, this wood type – and wood in general – is chemically resistant, which means that it is perfect for swimming pool applications, where chlorine vapours act on the materials used.

Logical choice for indoor applications

Spruce is not only advantageous in terms of price; it is also the logical choice for interior applications. Which does not mean that this wood type cannot be used for outdoor applications. It is only when the material is directly exposed to rain that it is best to opt for another type of wood, for example larch.

A focus on the connections

Certainly, in a swimming pool environment we try to limit the presence of steel as much as possible. After all, steel is much more sensitive to chemical influences than wood. Naturally, all metal connections receive specific treatment by us, so that they can handle the conditions.

This project in figures

225 m3

timber product volume

139.232 CO2


928.213 km

less exhaust gases

154 households

less electricity consumption

25 working days

duration of construction